Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nelly And Ashanti Split.

A source close to the couple told hat they two split up because she was ready to get married, but he wasn’t willing to put a ring on it. Reportedly he’s been having a good time as a single man, and he’s recently been seen in Las Vegas and Miami with video vixen Jessica Rabbit. So far, neither Nelly nor Ashanti have said anything about the alleged split but you guys know I never lie.

Video: Fabolous feat. Jay-Z “When The Money Goes”

This Videos niceee.

On Again Off Again

I know Kanye is hitting this every hour of the day.

Countdown to 9/11

Chad Is A Show Himself

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



DJ Drama presents Cam’ron’s Boss of All Bosses mixtape, featuring Vado

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Label mates

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Say Goodbye

Guess who just blinked in American Idol's high stakes game of chicken -- Paula Abdul says she's leaving the show.

She just tweeted this:

"With sadness in my heart, I've decided not to return to Idol. I'll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day 1 become an international phenomenon."

Sources have told that Paula's been negotiating for a big raise, and the deadline was this week because rehearsals are about to start.

So, hardball negotiation plays in Paula's future ?

October 6, 2009

After serving eight-and-a-half years of a 10 year sentence for his role in the infamous Club New York shooting on December 27, 1999, Shyne finally knows the day he will once again become a free man: October 6, 2009. That release date has already been confirmed by the parole board, but a hearing tomorrow will outline the parameters of ‘Po’s parole, details that could determine whether or not the former Bad Boy Records artist will be able to resume his recording career free of stifling restrictions. Keep your head up brother.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Then A Game

I don't think he should have his own movie. He's over rated to me.

Keep Hip Hop Alive


My Favorite New Artist Of The Year Is Seeing The Evil Of Being Famous.

Kid Cudi posted on "I don’t really have any fear about the business; my biggest fear is getting wrapped up in the illusion of fame and Hollywood and shit like that. Getting wrapped up in the worldly things like drugs and the excitement of being famous. I have a vulnerable enough past that it could propel me into that world. I don’t want to be caught up in it. I want to do something while I’m here. This is hell. All the shit that’s going on around us, this is hell". It's true what they say I guess MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS.


Not a big fan of Soulja Boy Tell'em but I love this piece.

Cover Of Blueprint 3 With Track List

1. What We Talking About (Produced by Kanye West)
2. D.O.A. (Produced by No I.D.)
3. Weigh Me Down Feat. Kid Cudi (Produced by Kanye West)
4. Unforgiven (Produced by Kanye West, Additional Production: MGMT)
5. Run This Town Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West)
6. Empire State Of Mind Feat. Nas (Produced by Kanye West & No I.D.)
7. When It Comes To This (Produced by Timbaland)
8. Always Feat. Drake (Produced by Kanye West)
9. Scenes From The Past (Produced by No I.D., Co-produced by Kanye West)
10. Everyday A Star Is Born Feat. Mr. Hudson (Produced by Kanye West)
11. Already Home (Produced by Kanye West)
12. Forever Young Feat. Mr. Hudson (Produced by Kanye West)
13. Thank You (Produced by No I.D.)

Bonus Tracks:
14. Sound Of The 70s (Produced by Kanye West)
15. We Made History (Produced by Kanye West)

How Do You Like It?

R&B singer Trey Songz is never at a loss to find ways to embarrass himself. If he isn’t releasing homemade videos bragging about his (imagined) sexual exploits, then he’s faking romantic liaisons with a blogger.Trey discussed his worst moment in the sack (we’re assuming this was with the aforementioned blogger): “This girl threw up on me. She couldn’t take the d*ck.” Trey claims it happened twice so it couldn’t have been an experienced groupie.Trey also talks about his favorite sex game, which sounds frighteningly similar to the sex game that left “Kung Fu” actor David Carradine dead:“I like to choke girls right before they cum, but you gotta continue hitting it at a rapid momentum. And I like girls that can take the whole d*ck.”Apparently, Trey also likes the boys that can take whole d*ck since this is a sex game that is very popular within the gay community. Not so much among heterosexuals. All I have to say is "wow"!!!!